Whether you are interested in the financial strength of a bank, credit union or insurance company, or looking for a way to identify and monitor investments, you need a reliable source. With access to more than 17,000 financial strength ratings on banks, credit unions and insurance companies and more than 33,000 investment ratings on stocks, mutual and exchange traded (ETF) fund ratings from Weiss Ratings, you’ll enjoy unprecedented coverage on the companies you need to watch with the Weiss Watchdog.

About Weiss Ratings

Weiss Ratings is the source for accurate, unbiased ratings that you can rely on to make sound, informed financial decisions. Weiss directs consumers and business professionals alike toward safe banking, insurance and investment options with an eye to avoiding unnecessary risks that could lead to financial losses.

Weiss does not accept compensation from the companies it rates for issuing the rating. Nor does it give the companies an opportunity to preview the ratings or suppress their publication for any reason. Weiss is totally independent and unbiased because its loyalty is to you — the customer.

Every quarter, Weiss evaluates the safety and financial strength of more than 17,000 institutions, including life and annuity insurers, health insurers, property and casualty insurers, credit unions, banks, and savings and loans. Find out more about what Weiss Financial Strength Ratings mean.

Each day, Weiss evaluates approximately 12,000 publicly traded securities. Find out more about Weiss Stock Ratings.

Weiss encourages you to use its ratings and analyses to avoid the potential dangers of the weakest companies and to find those that you can trust — now and well into the future.

Weiss Ratings’ mission is to empower consumers, professionals and institutions with high-quality advisory information for monitoring the financial strength or investment potential of a company.

In doing so, Weiss will adhere to the highest ethical standards by maintaining its independent, unbiased outlook and approach to advising customers.

How the Watchdog Alert Works

You simply choose the companies you want to watch, and Weiss will monitor the ratings every day and send you an email any time the rating of one of the companies on your Watchlist changes. It’s that simple!

How to Choose Companies to be Watched

Using the Weiss Watchdog couldn’t be easier! Click here to sign up or just start searching and sign up later.

The easiest and fastest way to search for a stock or fund is by ticker. Enter the ticker symbol in the search box, and that security will show up.

If you don’t know the ticker or if you’re searching for a bank or insurer that isn’t publicly traded, you need to enter a company name into the search field. Once you do that, all banks, insurers, stocks, and funds that meet that search criteria will appear. Be careful in reviewing the results list to make sure you find the one you are interested in. Information is provided along with each name to help you identify the right one.

Specifically, under each name there will be a label for the type of rating. They are Bank/Credit Union Financial Strength Rating, Insurance Financial Strength Rating, Stock Investment Rating, or Mutual Fund/ETF Investment Rating. In addition, you will see the states an insurance company or bank is licensed in, or has branches in, to help you identify the right one.

Once you’ve identified the right company that you want to monitor, just click on the “Add to My Watchlist” button. You can do additional searches and add each company to your Watchlist. Then, at any time, click on the “My Watchlist” button to view your full list. These are the companies for which you will receive email alerts each time one of their ratings has changed. Very Important: If a company is not on this list, you will not receive notification if its rating changes!

Then just watch your inbox for alerts from Weiss letting you know when the rating of any company on your Watchlist has changed and what that means to you!